The Real Secret - simple, sensible, scientifically supported self help
The Real Secret is a different kind of self help.
"Your personal happiness is far too important to be left to dangerous fads that have no basis in fact"
The Real Secret debunks the empty promises of so many books, videos and programmes and brings you a simple, sensible approach to real life fulfillment.
We don't believe you can achieve happiness, or anything else, by simply wishing for, thinking about or visualising it. If you've tried that and found that the universe hasn't delivered everything you ever wanted, we're here to help.
The Real Secret takes only the best of what really works and turns it into a positive, practical 12-step programme that will enable you to take true control of your life - from your fears to your finances.
*    Learn Happiness Habits from Positive Psychology
*    Tame your Fear with Cutting Edge Neuroscience
*    Control your Time and Money like an Entrepreneur
*    Build Better Relationships through one Tested Technique
Lucy McCarraher is a writer, trainer and expert in Work-Life Balance.
Annabel Shaw is a social psychologist and radiotherapist.
Together they have combined social and positive psychology, neuroscientific research, therapeutic practices and coaching with their own expertise and experience and created an innovative self development programme.
         "If you've ever felt you could do with a friend with a no-nonsense,    
      uncompromising approach, able to offer advice on how to successfully  
            transform your 'stuckness' in life, this book is that friend."
Work through The Real Secret's scientifically supported 12 Step programme... 
Choose to be Happy... Appreciate Yourself… Take Control… Healthy Body… Mind Stretching… Route Planning... Money Matters… Richer Relationships… Social Work… Drop the Blame… Write Away… Smell the Roses... 
...and watch your life change for the better.
The Real Secret is available in paperback on or, or order through any bookshop. We also offer coaching and mentoring, workshops and training courses.  
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